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Recall - The most important life skill

As any thing that is of worth in this world, it takes time, effort, and respect for the truth.

Your dog coming to you when they are called is the absolute most important life skill to teach your dog because it could literally mean life or death one day.

The first perspective we need to take is that when your dog comes to you, it must be rewarded- every time. It must be perceived as the absolute greatest thing your dog has ever done, and it should always be that way. Because one day, when there is something more enticing to your dog, like a squirrel, another dog, etc., you need to top that! If your dog is punished for not coming when called, they likely will be very reluctant to come to you when called in the future, so even if they take a little longer than you would have liked, please reward them for it.

The stages of learning need to be respected in training recall. It needs to start small, close, unnamed (not yet, remember, dogs do not know english), and highly rewarded. Only when it is repeated several times successfully can you add distance, distraction, etc. Start inside, in different rooms. Move outside to the back yard or a quiet space with a leash. Move onto a longer leash. Slowly, repeatedly,.

We need to be truthful with ourselves. There are leash laws in place for many reasons, and it is not just for the safety of your own dog. Be truthful to yourself and to your dog, respect where they are today, and keep them safe. Besides, there are long leashes you can use to let your dog explore and still be safe while minding laws.

Reach out to me today on how to help build a reliable recall for your dog.

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