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Set your puppy up for success

Ah, the joy of a baby puppy in your home. Their innocence, playful nature, and little adorable pudgy paws. We want to give them a lifetime of love - and the best way to help them is to start socialization in a safe and positive manner as soon as they arrive, and show them that the world - and what is around them - is not scary.

Science has proven that puppies have an opportunity up to 16 weeks of age to acclimate them for what life has in store - it is called the socialization window. This time is very important for the long term well being of your puppy. This includes getting them prepared for vet visits, grooming, bathing, strangers, other dogs, surfaces, car rides, children... you name it. Anything you will be wanting your dog to be exposed to.

Until puppies have their shots, you can still give them a lot of opportunities with family members and friends. Each new exposure should be paired with a little treat to give them a positive association.

For example: * touch their collar - treat *touch their paws - treat *touch their ears and look in them - treat

repeat these steps with a family member and a friend, in a gentle, positive way. Be sure to keep it brief, gentle, kind, and fun.

When it comes to puppy socialization, it is highly recommended to get your veterinarian's clearance for class and get them enrolled for puppy class at 12 weeks, or as soon as possible. Ask questions of the trainer, ask their credentials or education, and ensure they are using Positive Reinforcement based methods and ask you to bring a treat pouch with delicious rewards to reinforce the new behaviours that will enhance their lives.

Contact me today to help set your puppy up for success!

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