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Deep Connections. Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

Charlie, our pup absolutely loved attending Polite Puppy classes with Tracy, as did we.  In a safe and fun environment, Charlie was able to explore, play, learn, and socialize other pups. We also learned many ways to communicate with Charlie using positive training techniques, this has made understanding and working with Charlie so much easier.

Tracy focuses on as many positive experiences as possible to earn your pup's trust and build the best foundation. Tracy is fantastic and always puts your pup’s well being in the highest priority.

Thank you so much, Tracy! You have helped Charlie and us so much through these puppy months. 

Jess von I

I met Tracy Vicente a little over 3 years ago when I started to volunteer at our local animal shelter. She was designated as my mentor and I’m so glad she was. Working with her I learned so much about a dog; how to understand a dog, their body language and what are they trying to tell me. As a result, I not only gained knowledge and learned about gentle force free methods, but I also gained more confidence. This enabled me to work with many stressed shelter dogs.

Recently I adopted an 11 year old lab mix who was very stressed when guests arrived. Tracy worked with me on how to help Johnny to settle and relax. After a few sessions we were able to work through his issues and he is
now a happy, stress free dog and has become a great member of our family.

I can’t thank Tracy enough for all she has taught me. Her knowledge is amazing. Her commitment to helping all dogs is incredible. She truly cares deeply about all of them.

Debra Wilkin

Tracy has been a pleasure to work with, very accommodating to my schedule. She’s got a genuine compassion for my dog and his overall well-being. And best of all, her methods work!

Pat O'Farrell

About a year before my husband died we adopted a shelter dog. We named him Kobi. Kobi and I were the talk of the neighborhood because people would say to my husband "we saw your dog walking your wife". After my husband passed, I was desperate for some help. A friend suggested that I reach out to Tracy. It was the smartest thing I did that year. Tracy showed me some easy to do engagement techniques to keep Kobi from pulling. Very recently I reached out to Tracy again about a healthy raw diet for Kobi because he was scratching a lot. She gave me some advice to try and this problem has been resolved. Canada, your gain was our loss! Tracy is a gem. If you love your dog and you need some help don’t hesitate calling Tracy. She loves your fur baby as much as you do.

Amelia Sorce

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