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A plead to please leash your dog where laws are posted and keep them out of areas they should not be...

We are entering a concerning time in our community. I am calling it a blind contagion of inappropriate choices. It takes just one dog to be observed off leash in a leash law area (or a prohibited one), then it is another, then another. The problem is, many of these dogs are not trained. They have no proofed recall, they have no solid communication with their owners, and this results in dogs bolting off, going missing, and dogs fighting. In some cases, a person or child may get hurt as well. CONCERN 1 - We live in a CITY. We are not in the boonies. There are many things that can distract your dog, and suddenly, poof, you have lost your dog. Your dog could get hit by a car, which would be awful. CONCERN 2 - We live in a CITY and not all dogs want to be approached - THE TRUTH IS, many adult dogs become more selective of their friends, or, adopted or rescued dogs who need time to acclimate and trust again - they do NOT want your untrained off leash dog to bolt towards them or jump on them. THE REALITY IS - your dog rushing up to another is actually rude behavior. Well socialized dogs check for consent from the other dog, calmly, before approaching them, they make sure that dog wants to be approached in the first place. "fRiEnDlY" is not the right description for your out of control dog. A loose dog running up to a dog confined on a leash, the leashed dog CAN FEEL THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. You are creating fearful and defensive dogs with your dog rushing up to others. CONCERN 3 - We live in a CITY and there are leash laws. LEASH. LAWS. ARE. POSTED. EVERYWHERE. You have a responsibility to train your dog to walk on a leash in these areas. CONCERN 4 - School yards are not dog parks. Do you want your child to come home from school with dog poop on their jacket or pants? I wouldn't, either. CONCERN 5 - All dogs require training. None of them are plug and go and none of them know how to navigate our crazy human world without it. It is our responsibility to help our dogs with training so they do well when in public settings.

CONCERN 6 - Those who feel their dog should just "run wild on trails" where leash laws are posted, we are PLEADING WITH YOU: Our dogs' happiness, enrichment, and well being are important, too. Your choices affect us and where we go with our dogs, every single day. Our dogs are good dogs, they just do not want to interact with yours without consent.

I am pleading with all dog owners to please consider their actions and help to make our city a safe and happy place for everyone. Training is for every dog and every family.

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